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After working on this for 6 years, my marketing e-book is finally available.
This book is taken in part from a one month blog series I did back in 2010. It’s way overdue for me to turn it into the book I’ve wanted it to be, but I’m glad I’ve waited several years. I’ve figured out even more ways to market my work and to find clients. Social media is something that wasn’t around when I started, so expanding more on that has been an important edition to the book. All the content has been updated, tweaked and more info added from those original blog posts. I’ve even added in some info I share when I consult with other artists.


My goal is that this e-book can answer your career questions whether you’ve just started out or are a seasoned pro who needs some new ideas. I truly believe my advice will help you achieve your goals by believing in yourself and by taking action every day.

Now only $7.50

(that’s $0.25 for each chapter)

*You will need to click the “Return to Merchant” button after paypal checkout in order to go to the book download page.

You will be taken to Dropbox to download the book, but you do not need to have an account there. If you have any issues, please let me know:

Below is the table of contents so you can see what I go over for Illustrators and Licensing artists. It’s 77 pages full of advice.