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In 2012 I began consulting with other artists. I’ve helped over 100 illustrators either jump start their careers or head them in the right direction for marketing. My Illustration Career Consulting consisted of getting a strong portfolio together, how to promote, how to keep the buzz going about your work, finding clients and more. I mainly specialize in children’s illustration and licensing so that’s what I focused on. In 2016 I released an e-book about marketing yourself as an artist. It’s been a great seller and I get feedback from others that it’s helped them gain focus and get organized for the next steps to take in their careers. In the summer of 2019 I decided to retire the consulting side of my business but the e-book is still available. 

My goal is that this e-book can answer your career questions whether you’ve just started out or are a seasoned pro who needs some new ideas. I truly believe my advice will help you achieve your goals by believing in yourself and by taking action every day.

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Below is the table of contents so you can see what I go over for Illustrators and Licensing artists. It’s 77 pages full of advice.